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We aim to provide you with all the information you require and your patients deserve. We rely on individual supporters like you to fund our work. Our non-for-profit organization continously invests time and effort  updating the unbiased database of dental implants to separate the wheat from the chaff. In other words, we separate implant systems with avoidable impurities from those with a high surface quality. Some implant manufacturers with a high standard of quality and considerable ethical commitment already support our project. Other companies could care less and even threaten us with legal actions, boycott or discredit our work. 

We need you. Only a strong community of dental professionals can change the current situation as avoidable contaminations on dental implants cause serious problems for every practitioner - clinically and legally. Your support enables us to carry out more complex research projects and allows us to spread the truth significantly better by focussing on the safety of medical devices. Your personalized certificate shows your patients that you care.

Be part of the CleanImplant Community. Help us expose inferior implants, hold manufacturers accountable, and protect our patients.

 10 Membership Benefits at a Glance 



1 | CleanImplant Newsletter 

Background information, new Quality Mark awardings and in-depth results of ongoing research projects. 

2 | CleanImplant "Compass" 

Sneak previews behind the scenes of CleanImplant`s quality assessments. Be the first to know if new systems on the market meet the criteria for clean implants; See comments from other colleagues about possible problems.

3 | Quality Information about your Implant System

You want to know if your implant system is clean and safe for your patients? You will receive the answer you need.* 

4 | Personalized Certificate about the Quality of your Implant System 

See your name and your implant system mentioned on a certificate, showing patients and referral colleagues that your implant system meets the criteria for clean implants according to the CleanImplant Consensus Paper.*

5 | Printed Certificate of Membership and Logo for Emails and Website

Get an impressive certificate of your membership as Fellow Member and active Supporter of the CleanImplant Project. Show patients and colleagues that you care for the quality of the medical devices you use in your practice.

6 | Additional Copies for your Practice Waiting Room and Referral Practices 

Receive up to 5 copies of your personalized certificate and show patients and referall colleagues that they can trust in your decision for an implant system.* (shipping of all printed certificates is included)

7 | CleanImplant Congress

Join the CleanImplant Congress in 2020 as a Fellow Member and you will benefit from the special registration fee.    

8 | Optional Pre-Check on your new Implant System 

Not only believe but also know that an implant system is clean before you decide to use it. Limited to three implant types/member. (Service available from the second year of membership)

9 | Assistance in Case of Unjustified Negligence Claims 

We provide an independent and detailed technical report of SEM analysis of the implant system in question, performed by an accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. (Service available from the second year of membership).

10 | CleanImplant Membership Listing  

See your membership listed in the CleanImplant online register and give patients reliable orientation that your practice cares for medical devices of superior quality. (available Q3/2019)

 *) The information is based on the continually growing database of analyses in the framework of the current quality assessment studies with data of more than 100 top  implant brands. If the requested implant brand is not on file, we will contact you in order to possibly add the requested brand to our database.. Information for multiple implant systems, multiple practitioners in one practice, or clinics with more than three dentists, is available on request.

Yes, I am a dental professional. I want to support this project and receive all benefits as a Fellow Member of the CleanImplant Community. 

EUR 289,00 first year contribution 

EUR 198,00 following years contribution

Note: The CleanImplant membership fee may be deducted as a business expense but not as a charitable contribution.

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