The independent Quality Assessment of Dental Implants



Sweden & Martina

"Our group, established in 1972, is currently an international leader in the design, production and distribution of products for the dental sector, especially implantology, an area in which it has achieved the world's highest growth rate.

Thanks to scientific research, Sweden & Martina evaluates and promotes innovative clinical concepts able to upgrade and simplify the daily lives of dentists. Investments in this segment are considerable. The clinical success of the implants is continuously tested as part of numerous experimental and clinical research protocols, conducted by various universities in the world, as well as by some of the best-known research teams in the sector. 

The quest for quality, both in production and in the organization and services provided, is strategic for the company, as well as a key factor behind its success."  Dr. Alberto Martina, CEO and Owner

How important is the quality of a dental implant for Sweden & Martina? Read more on this topic here: