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Factory-made contaminated dental implants are a NO-GO! That's what we are fighting against. Same as you. Every day.

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The non-profit Organization CleanImplant Foundation, founded 2017 in Berlin,  performs one of the largest  independent quality assessments of dental implants with the aim to promote the highest quality of medical devices. Recent studies reveal again a disturbing percentage of low quality products on the dental implant market.

Corroborated by many renown scientists and collagues from all over the world, we share the believe that the right choice of the best uncompromised medical device makes a significant difference in the experience and quality of the patients' treatments. To do no harm to our patients should be our #1 priority in our daily work. Unknowingly non of us should take a risk, clinically or legally! The CleanImplant database is steadily updated and constantly growing. We share these sensible data and certify dental professionals committed to science, independent testings and high quality dentistry:

Cleanimplant Certified Dentists. 
Exclusive. Ethical. Exemplary.

Be part of this exclusive group of dental professionals who greatly benefit from our initiative. Play an active role for more safety in implant dentistry.  

Learn below why your practice should be certified by CleanImplant and enjoy the wide list of benefits: The significant value for your responsible work, for the safety of your practice, for strengthening the trust of your patients and extending your reach

You support this ethical and unique mission. We support and upgrade your expertise and professionalism successfully. 

Cleanimplant Certified Dentists. 
Together we can achieve. 

Here the personal statement of Dr. Dirk U. Duddeck, DDS. Founder and Head of Research of the CleanImplant Foundation 

Will you request one informative report about your implant system in use or will you take competitive advantage of all of the benefits as a CleanImplant Certified Dentists. See the options below.

 Your Benefits at a Glance


Implant Report

Certified Dentists

> CleanImplant Compass 

Background information, new Quality Mark awardings and in-depth results of ongoing research projects.




> Informative Quality Report about ONE Implant System in use 

Is your chosen implant system clean and safe for your patients? Receive the answer you need.* 




> Personalized quality Information about further Implant System/s

Is your chosen implant system clean and safe for your patients? Receive the answer and respective certificate. * read more




> Showcase your commitment to science as a "Certified Dentist"

Get a printed and digital version of your personalized certificate, your logo as a CleanImplant Certified Dentist and patient information. Implement these in your practice marketing strategy. * read more




> Assistance in Case of Unjustified Negligence Claims

Receive an independent and detailed technical report of your implant system in question from an officially accredited testing laboratory according to DIN/ISO 17025read more


> Exclusive "Scientific Dialogue" powered by CleanImplant online.  

Join the "Scientific Dialogue" powered by CleanImplant online. An exclusive live program to exchange knowledge, behind-the-scene information and Q&A-sessions with Certified Dentists and international experts and scientists. 


> Optional Pre-Check on your new Implant System 

Find out if an implant system is clean and safe before you decide to use it. read more


> Public Listing of CleanImplant Certified Dentists on the patients' website  

Enjoy the competitive advantage as a CleanImplant Certified Dentist. Draw attention to your qualification on the patients website. Show your future patients that you care for the best quality in your daily work ( read more


 *) The information is based on the continually growing database of analyses in the framework of the current quality assessment studies with data of more than 100 top  implant brands. If the requested implant brand is not on file, we will contact you in order to possibly add the requested brand to our database.. Information for multiple implant systems, multiple practitioners in one practice, or clinics with more than three dentists, is available on request.

Yes, I am a dental professional. I want to play an active role and support this important project. I would like to take advantage of all the benefits of being a "CleanImplant Certified Dentist". 

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EUR 32,50/month (membership contribution annually billed EUR 390,00 - VAT included)

Note: The annual CleanImplant fee may be deducted as a business expense but not as a charitable contribution.

Yes, I am a dental professional. I order a single SEM/EDS implant testing report to assure the quality of my daily work. I have two options: 

(A)  I will send CleanImplant a sterile packaged implant sample and I receive a comprehensivDIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 Testing Report of this implant system. 

EUR 1.800,00 + VAT (individual implant analysis, price per unit/implant type) 

Request a single implant testing report

(B) I want to receive a condensed single implant Testing Report from the CleanImplant database. 

EUR 400,00 + VAT (price per unit/implant type) 

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