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NOTE: Neither the form nor the extent of any support from our partners have any influence on the test results, the Trusted Quality mark or the corresponding reports.

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DDS - The Digital Dentistry Society

DDS (Digital Dentistry Society)  is a non profit society with the mission to be the reference to validate and spread the  digital dental technologies through education. Our network are national Embassies and Cooperation societies in over 40 Countries  as well as a large network of Active Members( Lecturers )  & Members . Our Journal is BMC Oral Health.
We aim to reach following milestones during the next 2 Years :
1.Online Educational University ( e learning platform on digital in 5 languages)
2.Yearly research studies studies in 8 different chapters of Digital Dentistry with participation of the Industrial Partners
3.Continuinfg Education analog and online in  cooperation with Embassies and Partner Societies. 

4.Ambassadors / Embassies  Meeting / Consensus Conference November 2018 
5.Global DDS Meeting in October 2019

BTI Biotechnology Institute

Download PDF about the Quality Mark Award

BTI Biotechnology Institute is a Spanish biomedicine and biotechnology multinational company with a presence in 25 countries. Its activity is focused on the development of R&D&i projects which it applies to its three main fields of work: regenerative medicine, oral implantology and biomaterials.

BTI´s latest clip about the new Trusted Quality Mark. The Spanish implant manufacturer received this award for their UniCa Implant in October 2017.  

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 "The International Academy Of Ceramic Implantology is the first professional organization worldwide established around the concept that ceramic dental implants are a viable, safe and predictable option of teeth replacement. The IAOCI seek to achieve its goals with state of the art education, research and scientific evidence. It regards itself as a comprehensive resource for dental health professionals within which the latest research, innovations, news, and articles on the topics of ceramic implants and dental bioceramics is studied and disseminated. Our educational activities and collaborations serve our mission to educate, support and broaden the reach of metal free implantology.

Natural Dental Implants AG 

The REPLICATE System, from Natural Dental Implants (NDI) offers dentists an alternative method of tooth replacement that does not require drilling or damage to adjacent teeth. Now dentists can provide immediate and complete tooth replacement to their patients without specialized training or tools. 

"At Natural Dental Implants AG, we are committed to quality. We strive to make our 100% customized REPLICATE Tooth to the highest standards of performance and material integrity established by the industry. As we are a relatively new company, we wanted to demonstrate our quality commitment by allowing the CleanImplant Foundation to examine our products and provide an independent opinion of our surface cleanliness.

We support the mission of the CleanImplant Foundation as we believe that analysis by a third party provides all manufacturers with actionable information. It also gives dentists an important point of comparison when they are making critical decisions that affect patient care." Ruedger Rubbert, CEO, Natural Dental Implants AG

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"We help make dental implants predictable

Dental implant treatments are safe. More than 90% are successful. But that’s not good enough. Because a failed dental implant can be agonizing for everyone involved. With today’s techniques, treatment times and opportunities for patients with risk factors have improved significantly. But correctly assessing implant stability and osseointegration is still a challenge.

That's where Osstell comes in

Osstell helps you to objectively and non-invasively determine implant stability and to assess the progress of osseointegration - without jeopardizing the healing process."        Jonas Ehinger, CEO, President


RENA Technologies GmbH

RENA is the leading supplier of equipment for wet chemical surface treatment. RENA products are used in the areas of application Solar, Medical and Microelectronics, which reflect the vital needs of people living in today’s industrial society. RENA products are used to treat surfaces of e.g. solarcells, semiconductor wafers or dental implants using wet chemicals or water. RENA produces standardized machines with guaranteed processes as well as systems tailored to specific customer requirements.

The qualifiable machine platform medSurface is the base for unique production solutions for dental implants, stents, optical substrates and cannulas. Tooth implants are etched or surface coated according to customer process experience in medSurface dent machines. In a medSurface cannula production machine finished cannulas with customized geometries and shapes are made out of pipe sections. For more information about the wet processing company here or download a PDF information about wet processing of dental implants.

NOTE: More information about all our project partners including links to scientific publications is currently in progress ...