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DDS - The Digital Dentistry Society


DDS (Digital Dentistry Society)  is a non profit society with the mission to be the reference to validate and spread the  digital dental technologies through education. Our network are national Embassies and Cooperation societies in over 40 Countries  as well as a large network of Active Members( Lecturers )  & Members . Our Journal is BMC Oral Health.


We aim to reach following milestones during the next 2 Years :
1.Online Educational University ( e learning platform on digital in 5 languages)

2.Yearly research studies studies in 8 different chapters of Digital Dentistry with participation of the Industrial Partners

3.Continuinfg Education analog and online in  cooperation with Embassies and Partner Societies. 

4.Ambassadors / Embassies  Meeting / Consensus Conferences  

5.Global DDS Meeting in November 2021