The independent Quality Assessment of Dental Implants



Komet Custom Made

The "Komet Custom Made" business unit is part of the family-run company Gebr. Brasseler GmbH & Co. KG, which has been setting standards in medical technology with its "Komet" brand since 1923. As such, it can look back on many years of experience and has outstanding know-how in the development and production of implant drills and drivers for dental implantology at its command. The business unit has established itself as an ideal and reliable partner who exclusively produces customized instruments tailor-made to the customer’s requirements on behalf of companies in the implantology sector.

But that’s by no means all!
In response to the constantly growing demand for ceramic medical devices, the range of services offered by the supplier Komet Custom Made includes competence in all aspects of ceramics, many years of design expertise, sophisticated manufacturing and packaging know-how relating to ceramic implants as well as abutments and implantology drills.
As a 360-degree partner, Komet Custom Made supports its customers with its expert advice from the initial product idea to the availability of the final individual items.

To this end, Komet Custom Made installed a special production line with high-precision machines and systems specifically designed for the development and production of ceramic devices. In addition, the business unit places great emphasis on quality management, and the fulfillment of regulatory requirements based on the MDR is treated with absolute priority. The certification in compliance with the MDR, which was obtained at an early stage, underlines that the company acts in accordance with the current regulatory requirements and standards of medical technology.
The certification by the CleanImplant Foundation for ceramic implants confirms the process reliability of the quality assurance measures in place at the company, including validated final cleaning and subsequent packaging in the clean room, and represents a further milestone in ensuring overall ceramic competence.

In addition, the overall concept of Komet Custom Made offers logistic services such as VMR (Vendor Managed Replenishment) and VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) to its partners, in line with the motto "Leave it all to us" in the "All in 1mplantology" segment.

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