The independent Quality Assessment of Dental Implants




Understanding the use of Osstell ISQ diagnostics to optimize treatment decisions

Demands for optimal time to teeth need to be met through simple, objective tools and patient specific decisions. With today’s new and innovative techniques, reductions in treatment times as well as opportunities for medically compromised patients to have successful implant therapy have improved significantly. Assessing implant stability and osseointegration in an objective and repeatable way may still be a challenge and deciding when to load.

These speakers represent more than 40 years of combined experience with Osstell and the ISQ scale in clinical practice and will present and discuss the use of Osstell ISQ diagnostics in various treatment indications, illustrated by cases and clinical evidence.

Topics include:
Clinical cases with live polls for the audience
Advanced surgical techniques and how Osstell facilitates their development
Benefits for the patient, the doctor and the clinic
A live surgery performed by moderator Dr. Marcus Dagnelid.


"We help make dental implants predictable

Dental implant treatments are safe. More than 90% are successful. But that’s not good enough. Because a failed dental implant can be agonizing for everyone involved. With today’s techniques, treatment times and opportunities for patients with risk factors have improved significantly. But correctly assessing implant stability and osseointegration is still a challenge.

That's where Osstell comes in

Osstell helps you to objectively and non-invasively determine implant stability and to assess the progress of osseointegration - without jeopardizing the healing process."     

Jonas Ehinger, CEO, President


Osstell and CleanImplant

“Osstell has worked exclusively and systematically with an evidence-based approach since our inception 20 years ago, constantly supporting research to share knowledge and improve our proprietary diagnostic technology to best serve patients and clinicians. Supporting the Clean Implant Foundation is a natural extension of our commitment to clinical best practices and evidence. Clinicians use our diagnostic tools to ensure that they can deliver optimal implant treatments while ensuring predictability and patient satisfaction. We want to help them in any possible way and strongly believe that the Clean Implant Foundation’s objective and independent work is crucial for them to enhance patient’s safety”.

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